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Why You Should Buy the BabyBuddha Breast Pump

This is an unbiased review.  Although I am an affiliate of BabyBuddha, I was not paid nor given any products for testing.  I researched and purchased the BabyBuddha on my own.

This post also contains links that are Amazon affiliate links.  I may be paid a commission (at no additional cost to you) if you buy something or take an action after clicking one of these products.


Over three years ago as a first-time mom, I didn’t really know all of the products that were out there…and there are so many!  When it comes to breast pumps, you don’t know what you don’t know. 

With my son, G, I used the Medela Pump-In-Style which is one of the most popular brands and models.  It definitely served its purpose, and I was able to nurse and pump milk for my son for a whole year, which was my ultimate goal. 

Quite honestly though, I was so relieved when I finished nursing and pumping.  I felt like a prisoner!  I know there’s a huge push to normalize breast feeding in public around the world, which I am so supportive of.  But I know myself…I’m not comfortable doing it.  Even when I put on a nursing cover, I still felt strange.  That’s my own hang-up!  Seeing other moms do it was normal, and I applauded them for feeding their baby anytime, anywhere, not caring what other people thought. 

I would mostly nurse and pump in the comfort of my home.  But, of course, that is exactly why I felt imprisoned.  Babies eat a lot!  Especially during the first 6 months before solids are introduced.


The second time around, I started to do my research on portable and affordable breast pumps.  I also wanted to find a pump that was considered hospital grade so that it was strong enough to maximize each pumping session.  I wanted a pump that was fast and efficient.  I didn’t want to be pumping for 30 or more minutes at a time.

I considered the Willow, but the high price tag was a huge turnoff.  Also, it was only able to catch a max of 4oz per side (Willow 2.0 now holds 5 oz per side).  I also considered the Medela Freestyle.  But again, at almost $500.00 it was more than what I wanted to spend.

That’s when I discovered the BabyBuddha.  It’s not incredibly well-known in Canada, though it definitely should be on everyone’s list.  I’ve been using the BabyBuddha for 9 months now, and here is why I think you should buy the BabyBuddha for your pumping needs:

1. Portable

Baby Buddha breast pump size comparison to cell phone
Photo Courtesy of BabyBuddha

The pump itself is just over an inch smaller than my iPhone XS Max and is super lightweight.  It comes on a lanyard so you hang it around your neck while you pump which means it’s super lightweight.  When fully charged, the battery will last up to an hour.  Depending on how fast you pump, you can get between 2-4 sessions before having to charge again.  Portability was the one factor that was so important to me.  Especially since I knew I would have a toddler on my hands, along with a newborn.  I cook, clean, play with my kids and can walk around the house, oftentimes forgetting that I’m pumping.  I’m actually pumping as I type this post!  I’ve seen posts of women using their BabyBuddha while running marathons, power-washing, driving and flying on an airplane.  Say it with me!  Never will we be tethered to a wall again.

2. Affordable

Even with the $USD conversion to $CAD, the BabyBuddha was still way cheaper than the Medela Freestyle.  Every review I read was fantastic and I knew that I only wanted to pump for about a year, so why wouldn’t I give the BabyBuddha a shot especially at their price point?    Want to save even more?  Scroll down for an additional 10% off the purchase of a BabyBuddha product.

3. Strong Suction

Boy oh boy is this little machine strong!  The suction pattern itself is different from any other pump out there.  You have to get used to it for sure, and some people don’t move past the 1st stimulation and expression modes. 

Speaking of which, when you turn on the pump it is automatically set on Level 1 of the stimulation mode.  I found that mode to be extremely strong, so I always start my session on expression mode level 1.  I gradually move up to Level 5, then switch to stimulation mode and go up to level 3 by the end of my pumping session. 

You will have to play around and find the best modes and levels that work best for you (there are 14 in total!).  I’ve read of some women fully emptying within 10 minutes!  If you can get to that point, then the BabyBuddha is definitely worth it!

Having a strong suction is also important in preventing clogged milk ducts.  This was something I suffered from the first time around.  With G, I had a clogged duct every three days for three months straight!  I was losing my mind!  So far, I’ve only had one clogged duct, and I attributed it to an ill fitting bra.

4. Efficient

Since this pump is strong, you’ll find that your sessions are quick.  What’s more, there aren’t that many parts to wash afterwards.  When L was born she was in the NICU for almost two months.  This pump was a lifesaver!  I pretended she was at home wanting to eat like a typical newborn, so I woke myself up every 3-4 hours to pump.  Thanks to the Baby Buddha, my sessions were quick so I could get back to my much-needed sleep.


1. Display Light

There is no way to dim the lighting of the screen on the pump.  Which doesn’t seem like a big deal, except when you are trying to put your baby back down to sleep.  This happened to me a few times.  I’d put her to bed, start pumping, then she would start crying.  Rather than stopping my session, I’d go to her in her pitch-black room.  But it wouldn’t be dark when I walked in with the pump!  I’d quickly try to turn the pump around, but you can still see a bit of light coming through.  There were a few times when she became distracted by the light and it was hard to put her back down. 

2. No Clip

I wish there was an option to clip the pump to my pants.  Again, there were a few times when I would put my daughter down into her crib and the pump would get in the way, almost hitting her in the face. 


1. Pump Noise

For me this wasn’t an issue at all.  It’s not whisper quiet,  but I didn’t expect it to be.  It’s also not that loud either.  Just make sure you have a white noise machine if you have to check on your little one while pumping. 

2. Flange Size

The complete kit comes with 24mm flanges as standard.  If you need larger ones, you can now purchase 28mm and 32mm flanges in their shop here

3. Already Have a Breast Pump?

If you already have another breast pump (like me) and don’t want to let your old parts go to waste, there are component hacks available to a variety of pumps (Hygeia, Medela, Freemie, Ameda, Spectra, Kiinde, Ardo, and Evenflo). BabyBuddha adds a disclaimer that they do not condone the use of other brands’ components with their pumps.  Check out the hack page here

4. Other Accessories

The BabyBuddha Complete Kit comes with everything you need to get started. But don’t forget the Hands-Free Bra to ensure you are taking full advantage of the portability factor.  I purchased one bra from them but found the exact same bra on Amazon – click here – for much less.   And don’t forget a nursing shirt like this one from Amazon to keep you from getting too cold.

Affiliate item - Baby Buddha complete breast pump kit
Photo Courtesy of BabyBuddha


After using the BabyBuddha for 9 months and still counting, I can honestly say that I love this pump and would highly recommend it.  The portability, and the cost and efficiency of this pump makes it worth every penny. Comment below if you have any questions.  Or if you have the BabyBuddha, let me know your thoughts!

Did I convince you to buy the BabyBuddha?  Want an additional 10% off your purchase of a BabyBuddha product?  Go to BabyBuddha and enter code:  MYFAVELIFE10 upon checkout.  Trust me, you won’t regret this purchase!

Until next time, I hope you all stay healthy and safe!




Affiliate item - Baby Buddha complete breast pump kit

BabyBuddha Complete Kit – Use Code:  MYFAVELIFE10


Hands-free pumping bra.  Photo from Amazon.ca

Breast feeding and nursing cover.  Photo from Amazon.ca

Nursing/Pumping T-Shirt.  Photo from Amazon.ca

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