beaba babycook with tenderloin steak on a cutting board homemade baby food


Homemade Baby Food Using the Beaba Babycook

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Looking to try your hand at making homemade baby food?  One of the most exciting times for me, as a parent,  was when my kids were ready to eat solid foods.  There are quite a few ways to start feeding your baby their first solids.  What worked for me was to start with purees (veggies first, then fruits, then offer foods that are common allergens) progressing to chunkier textures, then to baby-led-weaning style soft finger foods.

With both of my little ones, I really wanted to offer them homemade baby food, and supplement with organic store-bought packets.  With G, I steamed and blended the fruits and veggies the ol’ fashioned way – by using a steamer basket and pot on the stove, then I threw everything in my blender to puree.  It didn’t take THAT much longer, but it was such a pain as I was using up more tools, plus I actually had to keep an eye on the stove.    

The second time around, I was determined to make everything much more efficient.  Enter the Beaba Babycook.  What is this magical contraption you ask?  It’s a steamer and blender, all-in-one.  That’s right – one machine to rule them all!  I debated buying it since it’s not the cheapest option.  But I can tell you that in my opinion, it’s completely worth it.  I find myself making way more homemade baby food this time around.  The Beaba Babycook is so easy and fun to use.  Plus, the Rose Gold colour is super cute on any countertop.  It does come in a variety of colours, so if pink isn’t your thing you have choices!  I ordered mine on Amazon, and it was fulfilled by Beaba USA.  This was probably one of the fastest deliveries I’ve ever received, as I received it two days after placing my order.

So far, I’ve pretty much pureed all of my favourite veggies for L to try – carrots, broccoli, spinach, sweet corn, butternut squash, sweet potato, bell peppers, and green peas.  I even pureed a whole batch of chicken – and if you know her daddy at all, she LOVED it (not surprised).  Next up – pureed beef.  Not sure if you can use ground beef (I don’t see why not).  Every review I’ve read mentioned using some sort of steak to puree.  So we bought a small 6 oz grass-fed tenderloin steak at Whole Foods.

beaba babycook in rose gold along with a tenderloin steak, a knife, a cutting board and an oxo 4 oz glass container

Everything in this pic is all you need to start your puree journey.  One Beaba Babycook and the spatula that comes with it; a cutting board and knife; then a storage container.  I bought 3 sets of the OXO Tot Glass Baby Food Storage Containers (each set came with 4 x 4oz containers).  These are awesome as you can freeze these containers and pop them in the microwave if you needed to.  

Beaba baby cook pitcher with water

First thing I do is fill the container with the water I will be putting in to the reservoir.  How much water you put is dependent on what you are pureeing.  More dense, less watery foods like beef will need water up to Level 3 (the most you can put in the reservoir).  You can see the markings on the pitcher above.

beaba babycook pouring water into the reservoir

Next, pour the water into the reservoir located close to the lid.

tenderloin steak cut into cubes on a cutting board with a knife

Chop up the steak into little bite-sized cubes.

Beaba Babycook cubed steak in steamer basket getting ready to cook

Put the cubed steak into the steamer basket that fits neatly inside of the plastic container.

Beaba Babycook machine getting ready to press the button to cook the meat
Beaba Babycook machine cooking meat

Press the “Steam” icon on the controller knob, then go and do whatever you need to do.  It took about 20 minutes to finish.  You’ll know it’s done when the Beaba starts beeping at you.  Press the “Steam” icon again to turn it off.

Beaba Babycook steak is finished cooking, take it out of the machine and let it rest

Very Important!  Use the included spatula when removing the steamer basket.  It is HOT!  I placed the basket back down onto my freshly washed cutting board.  I then collected the water in the container and poured it into another bowl.  You’ll need this water to help puree the steak.

Beaba Babycook turn controller dial to puree the steak

I play around with the amount of water I put in the container.  I usually pour a little bit, turn the controller knob to blend, check it out, and pour more water if needed.  Keep blending until you get the desired texture.

Beaba Babycook and three glass containers with cooked pureed beef inside each one

And voila!  Pureed beef.  Use the spatula to scoop out the meat, then place even amounts into your containers.  I label the top of the container with sticky notes to remind myself when I made each one before placing it in the freezer.

Baby girl sitting in a high chair holding pink spoon getting ready to eat pureed beef in a glass container

I ended up mixing the beef with pureed Apples to give it more moisture and flavour.  Baby girl LOVED it!  She devoured it, just like the chicken the night before.

All in all, I love my Beaba Babycook, and plan on using it as a food processor once L has moved away from purees and onto whole food textures.  Despite the cost, I honestly think it has saved me time and energy, which is so important when you’ve gone 6+ months with a baby and a toddler running around.  The Beaba Babycook is truly becoming one of my favourite “nice-to-have” baby items.  Plus I have that peace-of-mind knowing exactly what I’m putting into my homemade baby food,

I hope this helped you!  Comment below if you found this helpful, or if you have a Beaba Babycook – share your favourite recipe!  Until next time, stay healthy and safe my friends.

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