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Welcome to My Favourite Life

Being a parent is hard!  It’s fun and so rewarding MOST of the time, and extremely frustrating and exhausting A LOT of the times.  As soon as our kids are born, we’re constantly questioning whether what our babies are doing is “normal”.  Or we’re looking at the parent who’s infant magically sleeps through the night and wonder “how do we get our baby to do that?”  Or worse yet, we’re faced with a crisis and wonder if others have been through what we’re going through, and want to hear positive stories of their babies pulling through.

I know there are a lot of resources for parents to turn to, but if I can help you by sharing my experiences, or products that have helped us, or even point you in the right direction, that would be rewarding in and of itself.  I started this blog with the hopes of helping other women in all aspects of your lives – whether it be motherhood, anything to do with every day life, or finding your dream career.  

So thank you for joining me.  Let’s keep this conversation going so that we can reach our ultimate goal.  To live our best and most favourite lives.

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