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5 Apps New Parents Should Download

In this post, I go through 5 apps that new parents should download to help you enjoy your little one’s early moments in life.

I get it.  You’ve just had a baby, and you’re in this strange newborn fog.  If it’s your first baby, you’re just trying to navigate through all of the things you have to do on a daily basis.  When you have a second to think, a variety of thoughts ranging from, “Am I doing this right?”, or “Awwww she’s so cute!  I need to take a pic!”, or “I have to send the video of him to grandma” may pop into your head.  Luckily, we live in a world that has apps for pretty much almost anything.  Apps are great, if you can find the right ones.  Some apps can help keep you organized.  Others can give you advice.  They can even make predictions. 

When I look at the apps on my phone, there are 5 that are my “Go-to” as it relates to my kids.  And it’s no coincidence that 3 out of 5 are photo-based apps.  One app is a tracker with an amazing sleep predictor tool and the fifth can help you understand why your baby may switch from being happy to cranky within a day.  Below are the top 5 apps new parents should download.

Please note that this post contains links that are affiliate links.  I may be paid a commission (at no additional cost to you) if you buy something or take an action after clicking one of these products.

One of the questions parents get asked the most usually centers around how their baby is sleeping.  At least those were the questions I was usually asked.  “No, she’s not sleeping through the night yet.”  Was my typical response.  Enter in Huckleberry.  It’s a free tracker app that can track sleep, feeding, pumping, diaper changes, medicine, and growth (height, weight).  Seriously, Huckleberry is a game changer and is the one app every new parent should download.  

What’s so unique about this app is the sleep “Sweet Spot” predictor tool.  Once you log a few days worth of naps and nighttime sleep (the app says four days, but for some reason mine took a few months to kick in) you’ll see the Sweet Spot predictor magically appear on the home screen.  And guys, it’s pretty bang on.  This gives you an idea of your baby’s “Sweet Spot”, otherwise known as the best time to start putting baby to bed without them getting overtired and therefore maximize their sleep.  

I started tracking my girl’s sleep with Huckleberry when she was about 3 months old corrected age.  This app is free to use, but if you want the customized sleep advice, you’ll have to sign up for a monthly or annual subscription.  I signed up to receive the sleep analysis and I will be putting up a full review post once I’ve completed the steps.  Wish me luck!

You’re going to be taking A LOT of pictures and videos of your new baby.  Rather than stress about where to store your photos (and take my advice, if you’re backing up on an external hard drive, back that up too), download Google Photos.  Your pics automatically downloads to the Google cloud and you can retrieve them on any device you’re logged in on.  When your phone gets full, you can delete everything from your device with peace-of-mind knowing your precious photos are safe.

This is an app I would actually recommend you download while you’re pregnant.  It has pretty much every milestone text and fruit/food that you can add to your weekly/monthly/special occasion photos.  I took weekly “Baby is the size of a ____ (insert fruit here)” photos with both of my kids.  I also took monthly photos of them up until their first birthday.  It’s cute and fun, and I find I use this app beyond my kids when I need to add text or graphics to a pic.

Tiny Beans is an awesome photo sharing and milestone tracking app.  There is unlimited free storage, so you can upload all of your baby’s photos.  You can also track growth, milestones and development.  A convenient feature is you are able to create photo books right from the app.  Add your baby’s grandparents/aunts/uncles and they will be updated regularly with all of the photos and videos you are uploading. It’s simple to use, which is probably why they have over 50,000 5-star ratings and have been featured in the New York Times, Parents, msnbc and Glamour.  The app is free to use and of course there are different tiered subscription levels.  We purchased Tiny Beans premium when they offered a massive discount and we love it!

I purchased the Wonder Weeks book prior to the birth of our son.  Let me tell you, the leap charts were bang on for him.  I mean, give or take two or three days, but we started to notice a pattern with his fussiness and when it coincided with his next “leap”.  There are 10 leaps in a baby’s development, where you will start to notice them learning and doing different things.  While they are going through their leaps, most babies become fussy because they don’t really understand what is happening to them.  If you download the app, you can set alarms so you receive notifications on when to expect the next leap.  The app also has a ton of info that can also be found in the book.  So if you were to choose, I would purchase the app because that’s all you should need.

Even though I found this useful with G, our daughter is a different story.  Maybe it’s because she’s a preemie, and tracking her development gets a bit tricky.  But I still use the app and go through the leaps and check off any milestones I notice her hitting.  This still gives me a general idea of where she is on the leap chart.

Let me know what you thought of the 5 apps new parents should download, and if any are your go-to.  What other apps do you use when it comes to your baby?  

Until next time, stay healthy and safe, my friends.

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