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25 Awesome Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is less than one month away on Sunday, May 10th, 2020.  Since a lot of these items are considered as non-essential, retailers like Amazon aren’t shipping them right away because they are prioritizing essentials such as toilet paper.  So it’s a good idea to start ordering your gifts now!  Here’s a list of 25 awesome Mother’s Day gifts for all kinds of moms.  Happy shopping!

Please note that this post contains links that are affiliate links.  I may be paid a commission (at no additional cost to you) if you buy something or take an action after clicking one of these products.

1. Ember Smart Mug 2 (10oz)

So this is number one on my list for a couple of reasons.  #1 – I really, really, really want this!  I’m hoping J will take a look at this post and get the glaringly obvious hint!  #2 – I feel like most, if not all moms are in the same boat as I am.  Every single day, I make myself a warm cup of tea but by the time I drink it, it’s cold and I have to re-heat it in the microwave – several times!  The Ember Smart Mug keeps beverages warm for a while, and you can set it to your desired temperature.  How smart is that?

2. Bambusi Cheese Board and Knife Set

A well-laid out charcuterie board is the perfect compliment to a one-on-one date night with your significant other.  And guys/gals – you don’t have to cook!  Just cut your desired meats and cheeses and add some fruit and crackers.  Voila!  Dinner is served.

3. HapTim Durable 4-Person Picnic Backpack with Cutlery Set

With social distancing and all restaurants closed right now, having a picnic in a secluded spot in your backyard, or (city permitting) your local park is the perfect mini-getaway to take the stress of COVID-19 away, at least for a little while.

4. Thily Insulated Stainless Steel Cups (2 Pack)

Along with the picnic set, having insulated travel cups where you can drink your wine or other favourite beverage just makes sense.  And if the mom in your life is anything like me, she probably has a cupboard full of travel cups and mugs…so why not add to her ever-growing collection with this cute set?

5. Inventiv Recordable Heart (2 Pack)

I actually got the idea for this gift from a mom I follow on Instagram who recently lost her infant son to cancer.  She was able to record his sweet coos and giggles before he passed away and I thought that was a wonderful way to preserve his memory.  Hopefully you don’t have to use this for the same sad purpose, but I thought it would be such a sweet gift if your kids recorded messages to mom so she can hear it anytime she wants.

6. Electric Wine Opener Set

I’m not a drinker at all so this gift wouldn’t make sense for someone like me.  However, pretty much every other woman I know loves her wine, and the reviews of this electric wine opener set are really good.  

7. Demdaco Willow Tree Close to Me Figurine

I know some moms really love sentimental figurines, and this particular one has almost 2000 reviews, where 95% are 5 stars!  The artist, Susan Lordi, hand carves the original of each willow tree sculpture.  The figurine is then cast from her original carvings and individually painted by hand.

8. STNTUS Bath Bombs (Set of 7)

With COVID-19, the mom in your life probably has her hands full.  Since she can’t go to the spa, why not bring the spa to her by giving her the time and space to unwind and relax in a warm bath.  Keep the kids away though, please!  Then she can pretend she’s somewhere in paradise…at least for an hour.

9. HP Sprocket Mobile Printer

I have the HP Sprocket and I absolutely LOVE it!  I have a notebook where I write to my kids about whatever cute and amazing thing they are currently doing.  To help remember that time, I print photos right from my iPhone and stick the 2×3 photo right in my journal.  You can also purchase a photo album specially designed to hold 2×3 photos.

10. What I Love About Mom Fill-In Journal

Want to make mom cry sappy tears of joy?  Have your kids fill out this journal (or help them if they are little ones).  It makes a great keepsake, and helps her remember why she loves all of you when you’re driving her mad!  

11. Cherry Blossom Silk Kimono Robe

For some reason, this robe reminds me of the dusters my dad used to get my mom for special occasions.  Pair this robe with the bath bombs, a charcuterie board dinner, some wine and the Godiva chocolates below, and you will be golden my friend!

12. Godiva Two-Tiered Chocolate Tower

Chocolate.  From Godiva.  Two tiers of it.  Enough said?

13. Journal 29 Interactive Book Game

For the mom who loves escape rooms, or riddles and puzzles, Journal 29 is the perfect game!  Better yet, go through the book with her as the perfect escape to everything happening in the world right now.

14. Anjou Diffuser with 12 Essential Oils Set

I truly believe in the power of essential oils.  And there’s an essential oil for every type of ailment or concern.  This set comes with a diffuser and 12 different essential oils, which is all she’ll probably ever need as you only need a few drops of oil each time you power it up.

15. Yinuo Scented Candles Gift Set (Set of 4)

Seriously, you can’t go wrong with candles!  And these come in cute decorated jars.  These 22oz, 15-hour burn-time soy wax candles come in 4 fragrances:  lavender, fig, lemon and spring-scented.

16. Freemale Mama Bear Sweatshirt

I came across this sweatshirt and thought it was super cute.  It’s available in small up to XXL and comes in 4 colours:  brick red (shown above), dark green, grey and black.

17. Nature's Blossom Bonsai Tree Kit

For the green thumb wanting to care for some greenery, this complete gardening kit will enable the mom in your life to grow 4 types of bonsai trees.  This is a Bestseller, ranked #1 in Indoor Bonsai Plants on

18. Design Your Own iPhone 11 Case

What mom wouldn’t love a custom phone case that had a cute pic of her kids?  I have one and I love it!

19. Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch

For the active, or wants-to-be active mom, the Fitbit Versa looks like an Apple Watch but at a fraction of the cost.  It not only tracks steps, but also heart rate, sleep patterns and monthly cycles!  You can activate Fitbit Coach which goes through several exercises for a decent workout, and has a relaxation app to help in those not so great moments.  You can even sync your phone and receive texts and be notified when someone is calling you.

20. Anastasia Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette

One of the best selling eyeshadow palettes at Sephora, Anastasia Soft Glam has colours that are flattering on every skin tone.  I have a Pinterest board dedicated to the different looks you can achieve with this palette.  Definitely one that every makeup-loving mom should have.

21. Cricut Explore Air 2

Any mom who’s into crafts or DIY, or wants to be more crafty or DIY-y, would be thrilled to get this as a gift.  Beware though, that buying this could lead her down the craft rabbit hole of buying an endless supply of cardstock, vinyl, infusible ink and pretty much every accessories designed for the cricut.

22. Lychee Leather Jewelry Box

Simple and timeless!  Chances are, the mom in your life has some pieces of jewelry.  What better way to organize them than in a beautiful leather case?  Want to score extra points?  Add a new piece of jewelry to the box so that when she opens it, there’s an extra surprise for her.

23. Mama Needs a Mother F*cking Nap Coloring Book

This coloring book made me laugh.  It’s funny because it’s so f*cking true. *Single tear drop*.

24. Fraiche Food Full Hearts Cook Book

If the mom in your life is a Bachelorette fan, or a Love-It-Or-List-It-Vancouver fan, then she has definitely heard of Jillian Harris.  Jillian teamed up with her cousin Tory to create this beautiful cookbook full of delicious recipes.

25. Beauty by Earth Jade Roller

Crystals are known to have healing properties.  Jade assists the body’s filtration organs; encourages acceptance of oneself; is a stone of Good Luck; and helps with prosperity and well-being.  This facial roller will help to calm the facial muscles, soothes inflammation, improves circulation and helps to maximize the benefits of serums.

I hope you were able to find the perfect gift for the mom in your life!  Remember, don’t wait to order your items so they come in on time, or at least close enough to Mother’s Day.  And really, find the time to celebrate her even beyond Mother’s Day.

Until next time, I hope you all stay healthy and safe.



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